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Mexico 2017 – Day 3

I know, I know… It’s been quite some time. I feel like by the time I’m finished telling you folks about my Mexican adventure, I’ll be boarding on a plane about to begin a new one. Wouldn’t that be cool, huh? Jokes aside, let me tell you about my third day in Mexico… What a day…     On our third…

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Day 5 in New York

Day 5 (Final day) – Snow in Central Park And here it is… the end of our trip. But hey, our plane leaves at 9pm (not really, more on this later) so we still had one full day to spend in the big city! We woke up and the streets were white. The whole city was white. It was completely…

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Day 1 in New York

So I’ve been thinking a lot about writing an actual blog post regarding my trip to New York. And here it is at last! Just to put you a little bit in context, we spent a total of 4 nights and 5 days over there. We got there early in the morning of December 13, and flew back to Orlando December 17…

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