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Mexico 2017 – Day 4

Holy cow I’m alive! It’s been a month of intense happenings at the Lewis Verdu HQ. But I’m finally back to keep you updated on what my trip to Mexico felt like. I’ll be totally honest with you, I can’t even remember from the top of my head what I did as it’s been a few months now. But all…

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Mexico 2017 – Day 3

I know, I know… It’s been quite some time. I feel like by the time I’m finished telling you folks about my Mexican adventure, I’ll be boarding on a plane about to begin a new one. Wouldn’t that be cool, huh? Jokes aside, let me tell you about my third day in Mexico… What a day…     On our third…

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The 3 most important New Year resolutions

Well, just like every new year, new resolutions and goals have to be accounted for. I told myself that I would start posting articles to my new blog starting next year (2017). Just as expected, I’m already a day late. However, as I was creating my blog, WordPress asked me to give my site a subtitle. And I chose to write “New…

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