Real Madrid against the world

I think that what really hurts right now isn’t the the fact that we lost a game. Specially because we didn’t lose against a weak team. We lost against an enormous Sevilla who played magnificently and showed the rest of the world that they deserve to be fighting for this title. What really hurts though is the fact that we had forgotten what it feels like to lose a game. It’s been too long…

Numbers are numbers. They don’t lie. They’re the only proof that we have in the subjective world that soccer is. And the numbers of this team are just too good to believe. It’s not only the first game that we lose this season. It’s the first game that we lose in almost a natural year. No Spanish team has ever done what this team has achieved. Not even the best Barcelona back in 2010.

We can’t go crazy now. We can’t be sad. If we were to win every single game, this would just be boring. But we should take this as a warning! We can’t take a nap right now. This should make us try even harder from now on. We can’t score a goal and think that we’ve won. That goes for everyone. From Mr. Zidane to CR7. Every minute counts, and today’s game taught us this lesson. Although we should know this by now. I mean, we are the ones who usually score in the 90th minute…



P.s. Ramos will always be Madrid’s hero. Even if he were to screw up in this year’s final Champions League game. He has given us too much these past years and he deserves, above everyone, to be respected. He is our well deserved captain.

Author: Tony Lewis

Marketing nerd, blockchain enthusiast and part-time planet Earth explorer. I like building (and acquiring) long-lasting assets.