Messi vs Ronaldo – Who is the best soccer player in the world?

Okay… the big question. Finally answered. Yes, I am a Real Madrid fan. But I’m a fan of soccer overall. I can watch a game between Arsenal and Chelsea and feel the tension between the two teams. I can watch a game between Boca and River and feel the beauty behind the scene. I love soccer. It is, indeed, my favorite sport. I’ve been watching it and playing it for my whole life, which gives me enough authority to write this article.

Now then. I feel like I should make something clear before I give my final verdict. If you’re reading this, the moment it is published, you can consider yourself extremely fortunate. This is because you are fortunate enough to see two of the best soccer players this planet has ever witnessed. AT THE SAME TIME. COMPETING AGAINST ONE ANOTHER. That right there is something not everyone gets to see.

So, who is better?

Numbers are numbers. Stats don’t lie. They give an objective opinion about something. Thus,¬†Messi should technically be considered the best player in the world. His goal/game ratio is unbeatable. He has achieved more individual and collective trophies than Ronaldo. Therefore, technically, he is the best player in the world.




Numbers do not represent subjective opinions which sometimes matter even more than the objective ones. Ronaldo has proven to have an extremely high goal/game ratio disregarding the team in which he has played. Messi has kept his good game/ratio playing always in the same team, surrounded by the best players in the world. I wish we could have seen Messi in a different environment to see if he could have performed as well as he does in Barcelona.


Oh wait… Argentina…

Author: Tony Lewis

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