The Money Printing Scheme That Sounds Great But Looks Terrible

We’re all about to receive a direct deposit of $1,200.

Each and every single US citizen over 18 years of age. Some may actually receive more depending on your spouses’ income and whether you have children or not. And while it might sound nice and all, remember that it only happened because $2.5 Trillion were created out of thin air making everyone’s cash in our banks more worthless than what they already were.

There’s a difference between taxing corporations like Amazon and Facebook to create a UBI, and plain bluntly creating money out of thin air. The first one forces companies who profit off AI and tech to chip in like everyone else does. The latter has over time been proven to lead to hyperinflation and currency death.

Here’s how it works. Let me outline the process really quick for you.

Companies struggle, unemployment rises → Economy collapses → People look up to the government for help → All the government can do is give people money, but of course they can’t raise taxes because people and companies have no money, so they turn to the Fed → The Fed prints money for the government → People receive money believing that they’re getting something valuable → Since everyone got money without working for it, that money is, by nature, not valuable → There is now $2 trillion more in circulation, making our savings at the bank less valuable too → the dollar is, overall, less valuable → prices for essential things will go up, because your not so valuable dollars have lost purchasing power.

This isn’t an overnight process, though. People need to wake up and see that this “let’s print money” kind of thing is an illusion. When will this happen? Well, who knows… People have been asleep since 1971. Not a bad idea to start using your not so valuable dollars to buy something with real value.

Author: Tony Lewis

Marketing nerd, blockchain enthusiast and part-time planet Earth explorer. I like building (and acquiring) long-lasting assets.