The hidden you

​As individuals, usually we tend to think that we know everything about us; our likes, capacities, strengths, fears, weaknesses… It’s extremely easy to believe that we know all about ourselves. That there’s nothing else within us that we don’t already know. But this is just not true at all.

The truth is that we as human beings have a complex world inside of us. And from this big universe hidden within us, we probably haven’t even discovered half of it yet. Just like the actual universe itself. But what do I really mean with this idea? Simple. Usually we ‘limit’ ourselves or resist to experience different things because our subconscious clings to the idea that all our features, beliefs and emotions are already established. Thus, we subconsciously set up a limit of one hectare in a land of millions and millions of it…


The idea of discovering yourself is similar to the idea of traveling. Just like St. Augustine said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” The more experiences we live, the more fresh knowledge we obtain. This new information obtained can lead us to know ourselves a little bit better.

Real life example. Before 2014 I didn’t have any interest in soccer. I pre-established in my mind that it was boring and irrelevant. But one day I was having lunch and as the World Cup was going on I decided to watch a game. What happened then? Soccer became my greatest passion and in 2 short years of constantly watching it I could say that I’ve gotten the same knowledge as people who have spent their whole lives watching it. Incredible, isn’t it?



Experience new things. Even if you feel like you don’t belong with them. As I said before, there could be things that you really enjoy but you haven’t even noticed because you haven’t given them a try.

Another quick example? In my early days at school I used to be a very shy and quiet kid who who wasn’t brave enough to speak in front of a few people. Today, I feel comfortable enough to give a speech in front of a thousand people without feeling any pressure at all.. But how did I transition from one extreme to the other? It was as easy as giving it a try and getting compliments from my own teacher. It only took one thing: trying.


The reason I’m sharing with you this short post is because I want to make you realize the great potential you have inside of you and encourage you to try to know yourself a little bit better by getting into new things. There’s a huge world inside of you, go discover it!

Author: Andres Diaz

Hi, I’m Andres Diaz a 19 years old guy whose big passion is soccer and sports in general. I’m a person who you can have a good convesation with and likes to share points of view and ideas about any subject.

  • Connie Jo Lewis says:

    I took up dancing at 68— last year and it’s my new passion. I love it! At 65, I taught myself to crochet- another new passion. You are never to old to learn new things and have new experiences!

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