Mexico 2017 – Day 3

I know, I know… It’s been quite some time. I feel like by the time I’m finished telling you folks about my Mexican adventure, I’ll be boarding on a plane about to begin a new one. Wouldn’t that be cool, huh?

Jokes aside, let me tell you about my third day in Mexico… What a day…



On our third day here in Mexico we had the pleasure of visiting the Ancient Mayan Ruins of Tulum. A.k.a paradise.

Tulum felt magical to be honest. It’s that place where you’ll walk, lay on the grass under the sun and just overall admire your surrounding. It had been a while since I had been in a place like Tulum. Somewhere where I could just open up my eyes to our beautiful nature. Ruins to the left, blue clear sky ocean to the right. It was definitely something. A must visit if life ever takes you to Cancún.



On a more practical side, let me tell you about how our day went. As soon as we woke up in Playa and had something for breakfast, we took the car and drove all the way to Tulum (which was around 40 minutes away from us). Once we got there, we decided to stop by at one of the kiosks where you would usually buy the ticket to get inside. Instead, we decided to purchase somewhat of a special pack which would allow us to not only get inside the Ruins, but also take a boat ride to see the ruins through the shore as well as snorkel in that beautiful water. I can’t fully remember how much it costed us (but it wasn’t expensive, and even though we did pay extra, it was definitely worth it… I mean, come on, look at that water.)



Here’s a never released video before of when we were waiting for our boat! By the way, even though it seems like a freaking hurricane is about to hit us, it didn’t rain at all!



I could upload a whole video of us snorkeling, but you can just go over to my  Instagram where I uploaded the highlights of it!

Even though we thought our day was going to be over after Tulum, it wasn’t quite yet.

Let me tell you about how we met two ladies from Fresno, California; Sam and Gloria.

Sam (to my very own impression at least) seemed like the classic hard working person who was taking a break off her really stressful job. Gloria seemed quite opposite haha. She seemed like the classic girl who loves to party and who was trying to show Sam the good side of life. Overall, they are both crazy people who love Mezcal.

Anyways, two beautiful souls who we met on our way back from Tulum when we stopped at a restaurant to get some food. Her faces will be unmasked in the next post, so be sure to stay tuned!



Author: Tony Lewis

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