Mexico 2017 – Day 1

I know… It’s been forever. Geez! Almost two months! I would like to apologize before getting into what my last Spring Break felt like… I haven’t had much time for anything lately. Work, school… It’s been a month since I came back from Mexico and I recently just got myself some time to tell you about my experience.


Spring Break 2017


Well… Where to start? Just as a heads up, all of the pictures that I’m uploading here I consider “never released pictures”. You won’t find them anywhere else, so enjoy! I did post however some pretty cool pictures and videos on both Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to check those out!

For my own convenience and to keep things simple, I will repeat the same method of posting as I did with my New York trip. I will break up my trip into each separate day to keep things short and simple.

Before we start I would also like to thank everyone who was part of this adventure. The last time I went on a trip was last December. I went to New York with two other friends to celebrate my birthday. Mexico was sort of similar… but not really. Aldo Rodriguez, my dear friend whom I have shared with many adventures and who accompanied me to New York would also be my partner in this vacation. My other dear friend I will have to keep anonymous. You’ll understand why as you read future posts… We’ll call him “Lalo” for the purpose of this blog.

More people ended up joining us later on! We would be sharing a whole house with 6 other people: Andrew, Erika, Carlos, Rosario, Jonathan and Antonio. They all made our first days of our trip a memorable experience and I’d like to thank them for it.

Special mention to Samantha and Gloria. Two ladies who we met on our way back from Tulum, but I’ll talk more about them when time comes.



Day 1

Oh Mexico, how much I miss you.

I’ll stop whining now, sorry.

We left Orlando early in the morning get to Cancun at around… noon? The flight went by pretty quickly to be honest and my two buddies got 0 minutes of sleep despite their continuous effort to do so.



As soon as we got to Cancun we decided to pick up the car that we had rented. We got a Seat Leon. Nothing fancy but it’d get the job done. It had been several years since I saw a Seat… I’ve only seen those in Spain.

We were undecided as to whether we should get some food (and a nice cold beer) in our way to Playa del Carmen (which is where we were going to be staying for the most part of our trip) or go straight to our Airbnb and settle in once and for all. We opted for settling in and leaving our bags and suitcases. Remember back in New York when we had to sleep surrounded by roaches and ugly paintings of Jesus? Well thank god this turned out to be completely opposite. We got a three floor house for the 9 of us and it turned out to be an amazing experience. Yes, we did share rooms and beds but this made the experience even more fun.

As soon as we were clear with the Airbnb, we headed out to Playa’s 5th avenue. Wow.



I must be honest with you. Try to avoid 5th avenue when you’re looking for somewhere to dine in. Most times you’ll get a really small portion of food for way more than the average price. Not that the food is bad or anything. In fact, the first restaurant that we dined in even had a few Mariachis making it an amazing first contact with Mexican culture! But yeah, when it comes to price-quality, I recommend staying away from 5th avenue.



We walked a lot on our first day. Like… a lot. But we didn’t want to stop seeing stuff. Everything felt so different. I felt like I was somewhat back in Spain. Streets where filled up with people screaming. Music was everywhere. You could smell Fajitas being made inside each restaurant. I was close to feeling like I was in paradise.

After taking a good solid walk and grabbing some food in 5th avenue we went to the beach! It had been around 6 years since I had been to the beach. I honestly don’t like the beach which is the main reason why I never go. But even the beach was amazing in Playa.


Lalo, myself and Aldo, in order.

I was afraid of sharks. Extremely afraid of sharks. But that only lasted like 15 minutes to be honest. As soon as I was on my second beer I was even trying to convince someone of coming with me on a jetski. And I did! At this point I really felt in paradise.


This might sound weird but it was the first time I went jet skiing and it was amazing. One of the best things I got to try in Mexico. Well worth it!

After the beach we had to sleep. Not sleep sleep. We needed a short nap since we had already purchased tickets to go to Cocobongo that same night. We had to be ready for it…



Let me tell you about Cocobongo… the environment is amazing. The club itself is great. However… I was expecting something different. Think about Cocobongo as a nightclub where you will get a good variety of great music. What I didn’t like (and this is a personal taste, most people love this about Cocobongo) were most of the shows. Cocobongo is a Cirque du Soleil kind of show. People hanging around ropes and performing acrobatic movements. I personally didn’t like it. Mixing air performances with reggaeton isn’t my favorite combination. But then again, most people consider Cocobongo one of the best night clubs in the world. Quick note: I still enjoyed some of the shows… Beetlejuice and Lou Bega were great performances.


And that is pretty much it for our first day! Please meet the original crew that came along with the three of us:



If you want to know why they were wearing life vests you’ll have to come back and read the next part!



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