Day 5 in New York

Day 5 (Final day) – Snow in Central Park

And here it is… the end of our trip. But hey, our plane leaves at 9pm (not really, more on this later) so we still had one full day to spend in the big city!

We woke up and the streets were white. The whole city was white. It was completely covered in snow. It was something magical. I have only gotten two chances to see snow in my whole life. This was the third time and it was amazing. We decided to spend our whole day in Central Park since we hadn’t really seen much of the big garden yet.



I’m quite happy though that our last day was the day that we go to play with snow. Trust me, it’s not fun to live somewhere where there’s snow 24/7. Your shoes get wet. So does your feet, which in turn hurt and make you feel pain and cold at the same time.

This really is going to be a short post. We literally spent the day making snowmen in Central Park and fighting with snowballs.

Once we got tired of that, we visited the Central Park zoo which was small but pretty cool. Worth the $12.



And, ladies and gentlemen, that was it… We had a plane to catch that we didn’t want to miss.

Now… what happened at the airport…

Have you ever seen the Hunger Games: Mocking-jay Part I? When the people actually start revolting against the capitol? Well that sort of thing happened at the airport. Our plane that was supposed to leave at 9pm ended up getting delayed till 1am. Those kinds of things happen at airports, nothing unexpected honestly. But around 1am, the (what appear to be at least) manager of JetBlue airlines told me and the other at least one hundred passengers waiting at the gate that the flight was going to be canceled… HE WAS BEING SERIOUS. NO JOKES. NO SMILES. HE WAS SERIOUS.



We were obviously not happy. And the good thing is that they felt our anger. Not only because they had to bring the cops in, but also because we ended up getting our plane ready. At around… 4:30 am? But hey, at least we got one.

The good side of the story: I got a $400 JetBlue credit for the delay and inconvenience that they caused. Yeah, in case you were wondering, I do have another trip planned thanks to JetBlue.




Cancun 2017, here we come.





Author: Tony Lewis

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