Day 4 in New York

Day 4 – The Highline and MoMa

Our fourth day in the big city was, by far, the chillest day of all. We were starting to get somewhat tired of the cold. After all, we are Floridian guys. But then again, we had to enjoy these tall buildings while we were there. It was a now or never kind of situation.

After taking a shower in our ugly looking room, we got some food for breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. Not Starbucks, surprising right?

We spent most of our morning just walking around Hell’s Kitchen’s neighborhood till we got to the Highline.

Honestly it was nothing surprising. You get a cool view of Hell’s Kitchen, that’s true. But after having been on Top of the Rock as well as the Empire State building, it felt like you were just watching cars drive by. I honestly recommend doing the High Line as one of the first things when you get to New York. It’ll leave a better mark in your heart as opposed to visiting it after being on top of the big buildings…

As soon as we were done here, we head on over to the Chelsea Market. I’m Spanish, and a market to me means people setting up tents in the middle of the street and selling handmade objects and stuff like that. The Chelsea Market was quite the opposite thing though. It could have been called the Chelsea Mall and it would have made more sense to me. It’s literally a building with a bunch of stores inside. Everything quite expensive to be honest. I was expecting something different.



Roosevelt Island was our next stop. This was actually pretty cool. It consists of getting on a cableway and getting a cool view of both Roosevelt Island and Manhattan. Totally worth the three dollar trip! Six actually, since they make you pay twice if you want to get back to Manhattan…

The Grand Central Station would be our next stop. This was nothing special, it really just felt like a big train station with a bunch of restaurants that go along with it. What was cool though was the Whispering Gallery! It’s too hard to explain with words, so here’s the video!



The best part of the day was visiting the Museum of Modern Arts, commonly known as MoMa. I’m honestly no fan of paintings or painters, but I could relate to some Van Gogh’s or Picasso’s that I was forced to draw back in middle school for my art class. It brought back some funny memories. Definitely worth it! Oh! Make sure you come on a Friday evening, it’s free! Unless you want to pay thirty dollars…



And this, ladies and gentleman, was our fourth and last full day in the big city! Definitely more relaxing than previous days. Not necessarily worse though!


Author: Tony Lewis

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