Day 3 in New York

Day 3 – Brooklyn, Museum of Natural History and Trump’s Ice Rink



Here it is! Sorry for the delay! Our third day in the big city was a total success. Just after having gotten some breakfast (at Starbucks, our designated breakfast spot), we decided to grab a sub and head over into the Brooklyn area. We didn’t really get to see Brooklyn since our main focus was the Brooklyn bridge. We took the closest sub exit to the bridge and crossed it over into the lower east side of Manhattan. Overall, it was a great experience. You get a beautiful view of the Manhattan bridge as well as Manhattan and Liberty Island. However… BEWARE OF THE BIKERS! I almost get killed by one of them…




Crossing the Brooklyn bridge will take you a good solid half an hour if you make a few stops to take pictures and enjoy the view. Thus, by the time we crossed it we were ready to move on to our next activity… The Museum of Natural History (which, by the way, is nothing like the movies).

Now, let me clarify something real quick. You can literally spend a whole day here. It’s one of the biggest museums I have ever visited and trust me, there’s a lot to see. We of course focused on the main interesting things; dinosaurs, monkeys, dolphins and some of our very own culture. It was a fun experience. We probably spent a few hours here since there was a lot to see.

By the time we got out of the museum and grabbed something to eat, it was already dark and our bones were starting to freeze. So, under such circumstances and considering that we were in New York during Christmas season… we decided to go ice skating. Yup. We heard about an ice rink in Central Park and since we hadn’t even visited the big garden yet, we decided to give it a try. It was that or ice skating at the rink underneath the Rockefeller Center. However, since the museum was literally on Central Park, for convenient reasons we chose this one. We still had something pending on our way there though. John Lennon’s strawberry fields.



I was honestly a bit disappointed with Lennon’s memorial. I was expecting a monument or statue at least. All there was was an “imagine” mosaic referencing him. Also, why call it strawberry fields? There’s no strawberries… Big mystery…

Unfortunately, once we got to the ice rink we realized that the it was sponsored by no one else than Mr. Donald. We were obviously pushed back by this idea, I mean, we didn’t want to contribute one single penny to his campaign. But what the heck, let’s just enjoy New York and forget about politics for a little bit.




We did get a nice view from the rink. And I must say, Aldo didn’t disappoint at all in his first time ice skating. I was the only one of the three of us with some experience. I do ice skate every year in Orlando around christmas which gave me a little advantage over my two companions.

Our last activity of the day was nothing else than going back to Times Square. More specifically, the AMC movie theater in Times Square. ROGUE ONE! Yes! We got the chance to watch on of my new favorite Star Wars films in the heart of the big city. Something to remember, for sure. Click here to read what I think about the film.


And this, ladies and gentlemen was our third day in the big city. Stay tuned cause we still have two more days to go!


Author: Tony Lewis

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