Why The Last of Us is a masterpiece

It is. It’s a brilliantly done masterpiece. It’s art and entertainment combined together. It’s an adventure that you’re going to want to replay over and over again.

It is for sure one of the best games I’ve played in my whole life. Yes, I know, I’m not really that old being only 19. But I’ve gotten to play quite a lot of games and only a few of them made me feel like this game made me feel.

The Good (Yes, everything is good… But let me break it up a little bit).

  • Graphics. It doesn’t matter if you played on PS3 or if you played the PS4 remastered version. Obviously, the remastered version will allow you to experience an overall improved graphic experience. However, the gameplay and story line is just as fun in the original PS3 version.
  • Storyline. Speaking of which, the plot of the game is just fantastic. A survival like no other. It will keep you playing and willing to know more about each and every single one of the main characters. Even about those that you will encounter on your way to survival.
  • Depth. It’s just extremely deep. Each character, each place, each individual detail has a meaning behind it. It’s just so well taken care of…
  • Gameplay. The Last of Us is literally art… But it’s also an awesome video game. There’s different weapons that will allow you to play the game in different ways, and most importantly, many times! You can literally play it over and over in different ways. You can take different strategies and still enjoy it like the first time.
  • Multiplayer. Once you’re literally done playing it. Like, you know, once you’ve finished it for like the 27th time… Go ahead, get your hands on the multiplayer because it’s literally amazing. It’s obviously something different and I would even¬†recommend buying this game just for this aspect of the game. I mean if millions of players get Call of Duty every year to play online, why wouldn’t you do this with a game just as fun?


The Bad

  • The PS3 version does have some drops in frame rates… I have to admit it. Naughty Dog makes almost perfect games, and this is another example. It is clear that The Last of Us was meant to be release with the hardware capabilities of PS4, not PS3.
  • It’s only available for Sony devices. It’s such a shame that people who have an Xbox, PC or Wii don’t get to enjoy this masterpiece. Like, for real, I feel bad for you guys. It is definitely a game worth of making the switch to PlayStation.


Author: Tony Lewis

Marketing nerd, blockchain enthusiast and part-time planet Earth explorer. I like building (and acquiring) long-lasting assets.