The Oscars and how to spice up a boring ceremony

Really Academy?

Last night, at around 11pm, I was deciding whether I should stay up till the end of the Oscars or not. I was too tired and I ended up opting for enjoying a full 8 hours of sleep. Oh boy, how much I regret it… The last thing that they announced before I fell asleep was that Cassey Affleck had won the trophy for best actor thanks to his role in Manchester by the Sea. I have to be honest with you, I haven’t seen any of the films that were nominated for best picture this year. With the exception of La La Land which, by the way, didn’t really impact me that much.

This morning, as I was waking up, I was going over my morning routine which consists of: setting off my alarm; going back to sleep for another fifteen minutes; waking up again; going over my social media for a little bit. As soon as I opened up my twitter (@tonylewisverdu), I started to read and see all of these memes about how badly they had messed up while giving THE MOST IMPORTANT AWARD of the night. I wont explain what happened in detail, but incase you missed it, here’s a good source that will inform you well.



Let’s get to what I think about what happened… Honestly, I’m quite happy that La La Land didn’t win the best movie award. Not that I didn’t like the film. I just honestly thought it was a little slow for me. On the good side though, I enjoyed it, which honestly has never happened to me while watching a Hollywood musical. For real, I’ve never enjoyed one and La La Land changed this, which is why I think it can be a candidate to this trophy. This, however, didn’t make me love the film or consider it the best movie of the year. I guess I’m going to have to watch Moonlight, which, apparently, was the best movie of 2016.

With regards to the controversy… I’m not really sure how can a ceremony of this magnitude screw up so badly. I saw Emma Stone’s interview after what happened and was surprised about how happy she was. She did win a well deserved Oscar herself (I thought she was great in La La Land), which might explain why she wasn’t so upset about not getting movie of the year. But still… If they crown you queen of the world and 20 seconds later they tell you that this was a mistake, that your cousin is the one supposed to be getting crowned… I’d still be a little upset about it.


Oh well… In conclusion, we can only say that the Oscars never fail to entertain.




P.s. Split will be nominated for best picture this year! I can see it happening! Team Shyamalan.


Author: Tony Lewis

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