Another solar system with another Donald Trump?

If we thought that the universe couldn’t get any worse with Mr. Donald becoming the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth, we were wrong…

As you might have heard, NASA has announced that they have discovered a new solar system located 39 light years away from us. Despite the fact that it is quite a drive, this could mean several things to the world that we live in.

1- If we take into account that there are 7 planets similar in size to our very own Earth, there could be another Donald out there. Let’s hope there space ships are as slow as ours and they’ll never join forces.

2- War of the Worlds is a possibility, and Tom Cruise won’t live forever.

3- If there’s living matter, there has to be water. If there’s water, there has to be beaches. If there’s beaches, there has to be a spring break. Life is good.

This first part of the article was a joke, I’ll admit it. What I really wanted to share with you guys was my opinion in this incredible announcement. I’m a space fan myself. Not long ago I had the chance to go to the Kennedy Space Center. I surrounded myself with rockets, space suits and even bits and pieces of our very own moon that some wonderful astronauts brought to our planet.

The truth, however, is that 39 light years away is too much of a distance for any living person to travel. That includes you, dear reader. In fact, that probably includes your great great great grandchildren too. Probably even more than that. But the fact that we know that there’s another solar system out there, with 7 planets (earth-sized) orbiting around a sun is amazing. Or at least, amusing. I was aware that there are many galaxies with many different stars and planets. But one solar system with similar characteristics to the one we live in, that is something new. Something to be excited for. Something to look forward too. I mean, come on, I’m a Star Wars fan. I get tears in my eyes just by imagining my great great great great great grandson flying an A-Wing. Ignore this last part, my fanaticism takes over my hands sometimes.

I guess that future generations will be the ones to argue if the Earth is no longer a good place to live in. Or maybe if it’s the only place where humans can live safely…

Author: Tony Lewis

Marketing nerd, blockchain enthusiast and part-time planet Earth explorer. I like building (and acquiring) long-lasting assets.