Online Marketing Plumbing

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About this course

This online marketing plumbing course will take you from your current status of "useless tech/online marketing person" to being able to build any website that you like. 

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Course Structure

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Accounting & Plugins Overview

How much does it cost to build and maintain a website? Let's talk about this.

A lesson on accounting and important plugins to consider

Howdy! I'm Tony Lewis and I'm going to be your instructor throughout the entire bootcamp! Get your sleeves rolled up because we have a bumpy road ahead.

Don't worry, I'll hold your hand through-out the whole thing. And, if by the end of the course you still have questions, you can always use some of my extra help tools that I'll be giving you.

1 Lesson

Theme Selection

Picking the right theme for your Wordpress site is a crucial step. Let me walk you through this. 

1 Lesson

Google Tag Manager

Crucial module. Learn how to get your Google Tag Manager setup!

3 Lessons

Building a blog with the new Thrive Theme Builder

Here's the first series of real life business cases that I bring to you. In this case you'll see me set-up an entire blog from scratch using the new Theme Builder.

1 Lesson

Theory: Homepage vs Inside Page vs Landing Page 🧐

You’ve probably wondered what the hell is the main difference between al three right?