The power of combining TA + a third party theme.

Lesson 14 Module 8

This module is on how to build a site using TA and a third party theme. I recommend using Themeforest from Envato to search for third party themes and premium plugins.

Reasons why you may want to use Thrive Architect and a third party plugin:

1 - You really love a premium third party theme but still want to be able to customize inside pages however you want.
2 - You like the header/footer of a third party theme or any other core element functionalities, but still want to have complete control over the look of your site.
3 - Because you need a quick way of putting together a site but you still need to be able to make some small touches/arrangements with TA or thrive leads.

Things to take into account:

1 - Yes, TA will work with ANY 3rd party wordpress theme.
2 - You might want to check what builder or how that third party theme builds its pages before making a purchase.
3 - Ideally, now that the TB is out, you 99% of the time want to be using TTB if possible. Nothing works as smoothly as the TB and TA as combined with one another. Remember, these things were made by the same people with the idea of making them work with one another 🙂


Author: Tony Lewis

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