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On the Stock Market and Coronavirus

First post this year! Made some time today to rant about stocks and coronavirus. And so… here we go. People in the U.S. should be more concerned about coronavirus more than anyone else. Here’s why. The U.S. government isn’t doing shit about this. They’re not preparing for it and they’re not being proactive about this whole situation. “All is well.”…

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On Donald Trump and Impeachment

The Donald just got impeached. There has been a lot of confusion around this, though. A lot of people think that he has already been removed from office, which is false. He is still Commander-in-Chief. And, my bet is that he will continue to be at least until next year’s election. Thy only way Donald Trump will get removed from…

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Has Capitalism Failed Us?

I’m a true capitalist by heart. No one enjoys freedom as much as I do. I love the United States; I love the massive opportunities that people get in this country. I do. And I don’t think capitalism is the wrong approach to fixing today’s flaws in our society. We, as species, haven’t progressed as much in 100,000 years as…

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This is Why You Need to Vote for Andrew Yang

A month ago I would have said that Andrew Yang was my top candidate for next year’s election, but with very little chances of even making it to the primary debates. The reason? Nobody knew him. This is changing. Mr. Yang has been killing it at the democratic debates all over the states now. No wonder his slogan is MATH…

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The 3 Most Important Things Politicians Aren’t Talking About

Well, at least they’re not talking about it enough. Immigration, building up walls and reenforcing borders seem to be the main hot topics these days. Seriously, though… You’ve got some politicians focused on trying to build a wall. Others are trying to go back to medieval times by leaving the European Union. And others, simply put, rather see the biggest…

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