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On the Stock Market and Coronavirus

First post this year! Made some time today to rant about stocks and coronavirus. And so… here we go. People in the U.S. should be more concerned about coronavirus more than anyone else. Here’s why. The U.S. government isn’t doing shit about this. They’re not preparing for it and they’re not being proactive about this whole situation. “All is well.”…

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Top 10 Stocks That I Own

No intros – here are my top 10 stocks in my current portfolio. Note: These aren’t my favorite companies or anything like that. These are just the companies for which I hold the most amount of shares. On another side note: I love investing in and acquiring assets. These are my top ten as of publishing time. However, my portfolio…

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Buy This Company’s Stocks Before It’s Too Late

Yes, it’s magic time. I can’t wrap my mind around the idea that Disney’s stocks trade at approximately $140 per share. Some of you might think this is actually already starting to get expensive – but to me it’s the biggest gang of the year given all the info that we have so far on Disney’s future business plans. When…

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