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This is Why We Need Universal Basic Income (UBI)

I laugh at all those trumpholes who think immigrants are the root of unemployment issues. Hold on – it’s not just trumpholes anymore! These geniuses are starting to spread all over the world now. You have them in England, Spain, Brazil… Hell we even prefer letting people starve in the middle of the sea rather than helping them out in…

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What is Blockchain Technology?

Remember the Bitcoin for newbies article that I wrote a couple years ago (lol)? Well, ever since I moved back to Spain I’ve been getting more and more people engaging me with the classic “what do you do for work?” question. And, of course, as soon as I mention the words blockchain and marketing I get all sorts of funny…

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5 Stocks that I’m Buying (July 2019)

No intro needed. Here are five stocks that you should consider buying this month. Abercrombie & Fitch I don’t really get all the hate that A&F has been receiving lately. They’ve been around for over 100 years and although their stock price has been a bit volatile over the years I still feel like they have a long way to…

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Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Unmasked

Heads up: This is probably the most aggressive post I’ve ever written. I find it very hard to control myself with this topic. Bear with me if I curse a little. So… we all follow these want to be influencers on social media who sell haircare products, herbalife supplements etc. right? Some of them are even my friends. Well maybe…

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Assets vs Liabilities

I know… I know… It’s been a while. Two years to be more specific. Lol. A lot has happened since I published my intro to Bitcoin educational post. And when I say a lot… I mean a lot. Bitcoin went up to 19K, down to 3K and is now sitting at 10K while I ghosted. Welcome to crypto. Today’s post…

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