Why Marketing is the Most Important Aspect of Any Business

From the very few years of experience that I have in the workplace, I can only come to one crystal clear conclusion on business management: If you don’t have your marketing team properly working for you, you are destined to fail.

It doesn’t matter whether you have the best product in the market. Whether you’ve come up with the next best app. Hell, you could have even come up with the cure for cancer and it won’t mean squat if you can’t market and sell it correctly.

I’ve managed to raise over $25 million with a very small team working together remotely on a blockchain tech startup. This is an interesting story that I will be telling my email newsletter subscribers this week. You should definitely sign-up if you care about money and selling.

How did we raise $25M? Well, we had a cool idea and were able to sell this idea to a lot of people. That’s all we had. An idea that would solve problems for a lot of people. Yes, that’s already something, but we didn’t have anything else. There was no product, no budget, nothing. All we had was a slick website, a compelling story, an explanatory white paper and, most importantly, the best marketing gang in the world.

Anyway, long story short, marketing is essential. More essential than even your product. How well you manage to tell your story and how well you manage to convince customers and investors that they should buy what you’re selling is what will get you the big bucks.

Again, more details on how we fundraised a blockchain tech start-up coming out via email. If you aren’t interested in learning how we did this… I don’t know how else I can help you!

Author: Tony Lewis

Marketing nerd, blockchain enthusiast and part-time planet Earth explorer. I like building (and acquiring) long-lasting assets.