What Platform Should I Use to Build My Website?

I’ve recently trained someone how to build websites using WordPress. Damn – it’s not easy. I’ve been able to look back at everything that I’ve learnt in the past four years and oh boy, I’ve come along way…

One of the first questions that I got asked by my trainee was, why WordPress?

Why not build the site using Wix, Convertri, or any of the other site building tools out there?

The short answer response is authority, customizability and reputation.

Allow me to elaborate.

WordPress is the number one website builder out there. Hell, even the white house’s blog is built using WordPress. If you’re using anything that isn’t WordPress, you either can’t code or you simply don’t want to take the time to learn how to use WordPress.

WordPress is not easy to learn. I’ll give you that one. It’s very intimidating at first. But once you get the simple gist of it, the possibilities are endless. Today, I can build any website that you’d like without writing a single line of code thanks to WordPress. From a simple click-funnel landing page to the New York Times itself if I wanted to.

You can’t do this with Wix.

Wix is for the not so smart people who feel the need to drag-and-drop stuff on to a landing page because they’re not willing to put in the time to learn how to use WordPress. Which, by the way, also has drag-and-drop functionalities… But how would you know if you haven’t taken the time to do the research?

WordPress is also fully customizable to one’s needs. Yes, you’ll have to install a theme every time you start out a new website, but the theme won’t set any limitations to your work. Wix, on the other hand, barely lets you go beyond whatever theme’s default settings you pick.

Authority is a big issue. Not just for you as a website builder, who will be much more respected knowing how to build a site using WordPress than Wix, but Google will also respect you more.

It has been proven that WordPress is the friendliest SEO website building tool. And, trust me when I say this, anything that helps you SEO wise is more than welcomed.

To cut it short…

Take the time to learn how to use WordPress. I’ll be launching sometime in Q1 of next year a course on how to build any website that you want using WordPress. I’ll be putting together the best of my five years of experience building sites with WordPress and combining them all into one neat course.

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Author: Tony Lewis

Marketing nerd, blockchain enthusiast and part-time planet Earth explorer. I like building (and acquiring) long-lasting assets.