This is Where Your Marketing Effort Should Be Placed

Email. Email. Email. Email. Email marketing.

With the emergence of social media platforms a lot of companies in the fashion niche, fitness space and pretty much any industry you can think of have transitioned from email marketing to social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram often times completely forgetting about email marketing and its importance.

Wrong. Huge mistake.

Don’t take me wrong – social media platforms can be and should be one of your main marketing forces too, but email is still your main priority. Particularly if you’re in the fashion space. But email marketing is still your main priority regardless of whatever niche you’re operating in. Here’s why.

Email marketing is the only way you can directly speak to your audience. One-on-one. Facebook and Instagram will allow you to engage with all of your followers, which is cool, but you can’t speak to them on a one-by-one basis. Facebook is the only alternative since now you can also build a Facebook messenger list, and you should build one by the way, but your email list is still more important than your Facebook messenger list. The reason is that even if you do manage to get users to opt-in into your Facebook messenger list, you are still going to be under Facebook’s rule. If Facebook ever closes doors or simply doesn’t like you, which, trust me, massive resources are lost every day because Facebook unilaterally decides to stop working with X company for Y reason, you’re out of business. The same applies to Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn…

This doesn’t happen with email. It doesn’t matter what happens to any social platform out there, hell even if google dies your email list is still alive (except for those subscribers who used Gmail accounts, of course). You can take your email list anywhere with you and sell them anything you want without relying on any third party company to give you their approval. The only way you lose access to your email subscribers is if someone turns off the internet switch. This is unlikely to happen anytime soon in our society.

Reminder – social media is still important. Brand awareness is crucial, and you only build this through a strong presence online. But if you want money, you need sales and unless you’re in the fashion niche (and even if you are) email is your main funnel of getting money in your pocket.

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Author: Tony Lewis

Marketing nerd, blockchain enthusiast and part-time planet Earth explorer. I like building (and acquiring) long-lasting assets.