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Has Capitalism Failed Us?

I’m a true capitalist by heart. No one enjoys freedom as much as I do. I love the United States; I love the massive opportunities that people get in this country. I do. And I don’t think capitalism is the wrong approach to fixing today’s flaws in our society. We, as species, haven’t progressed as much in 100,000 years as…

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Should You Still Be Buying Gold and Silver Today?

There are three types of money in our society. Government money, which includes fiat currencies like the USD, the EURO, the Mexican PESO… People’s money, which includes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple… And finally, we have what some people like to call god’s money, which includes precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum… In terms of building our asset…

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Top 10 Stocks That I Own

No intros – here are my top 10 stocks in my current portfolio. Note: These aren’t my favorite companies or anything like that. These are just the companies for which I hold the most amount of shares. On another side note: I love investing in and acquiring assets. These are my top ten as of publishing time. However, my portfolio…

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This is Why You Need to Vote for Andrew Yang

A month ago I would have said that Andrew Yang was my top candidate for next year’s election, but with very little chances of even making it to the primary debates. The reason? Nobody knew him. This is changing. Mr. Yang has been killing it at the democratic debates all over the states now. No wonder his slogan is MATH…

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Should I invest in Bitcoin?

Hey Tony – should I invest in bitcoin? I’ve probably gotten this question asked a million times, if not more. There are a few different ways to answer this question. I’m going to go over all of them in this post. First, however, make sure to read my Bitcoin explanatory post that I wrote a few years ago if you’re…

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This is Why We Need Universal Basic Income (UBI)

I laugh at all those trumpholes who think immigrants are the root of unemployment issues. Hold on – it’s not just trumpholes anymore! These geniuses are starting to spread all over the world now. You have them in England, Spain, Brazil… Hell we even prefer letting people starve in the middle of the sea rather than helping them out in…

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