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Day 5 in New York

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Day 5 (Final day) – Snow in Central Park And here it is… the end of our trip. But hey, our plane leaves at 9pm (not really, more on this later) so we still had one full day to spend in the big city! We woke up and the streets were white. The whole city was white. It was completely…

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Day 4 in New York

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Day 4 – The Highline and MoMa Our fourth day in the big city was, by far, the chillest day of all. We were starting to get somewhat tired of the cold. After all, we are Floridian guys. But then again, we had to enjoy these tall buildings while we were there. It was a now or never kind of situation.…

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Day 3 in New York

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Day 3 – Brooklyn, Museum of Natural History and Trump’s Ice Rink     Here it is! Sorry for the delay! Our third day in the big city was a total success. Just after having gotten some breakfast (at Starbucks, our designated breakfast spot), we decided to grab a sub and head over into the Brooklyn area. We didn’t really…

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The hidden you

​As individuals, usually we tend to think that we know everything about us; our likes, capacities, strengths, fears, weaknesses… It’s extremely easy to believe that we know all about ourselves. That there’s nothing else within us that we don’t already know. But this is just not true at all. The truth is that we as human beings have a complex…

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Day 2 in New York

Day 2 – Statue of Liberty and a good way to turn 19 Yes, what a cool way of turning 19 right? Since the moment I arrived to the big city, I kept telling my friends; everyone deserves a birthday like the one I’m about to have.   Okay so after having slept for a whole night in that creepy…

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Day 1 in New York

So I’ve been thinking a lot about writing an actual blog post regarding my trip to New York. And here it is at last! Just to put you a little bit in context, we spent a total of 4 nights and 5 days over there. We got there early in the morning of December 13, and flew back to Orlando December 17…

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My 2016

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It’s been over a week since we began 2017 and I yet have not summarized what 2016 meant to me. Overall, I must say that 2016 was a an incredible year if I were to compare it to 2015. I got to travel to many different places this year; London, New York and a few beautiful places in Spain such as Seville,…

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It’s offical… Off to Cancun

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So it’s official. I have tickets to fly to Cancun over Spring Break. Well, half way through spring break since I’ll be leaving on March 9 and I’ll come back to Florida March 15. This is what so far me and my crew have planned for: Xochimilco Chichen-itza Cocobongo Xcaret Tulum Playa del Carmen Isla Mujeres Considering it’s a six…

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The 3 most important New Year resolutions

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Well, just like every new year, new resolutions and goals have to be accounted for. I told myself that I would start posting articles to my new blog starting next year (2017). Just as expected, I’m already a day late. However, as I was creating my blog, WordPress asked me to give my site a subtitle. And I chose to write “New…

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Hi this is the beginning of a new era! I want to welcome you to my new blog! Here I will be discussing different things! From sports, to entertainment material as well as general lifestyle content. I really hope you enjoy it!   See you soon!   P.S. You can expect a daily post!

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