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Another solar system with another Donald Trump?

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If we thought that the universe couldn’t get any worse with Mr. Donald becoming the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth, we were wrong… As you might have heard, NASA has announced that they have discovered a new solar system located 39 light years away from us. Despite the fact that it is quite a drive, this could mean…

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Why tests don’t upset me anymore

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So I just finished what was probably the longest and most challenging test that I’ve taken in the past few years. Literally, like ten minutes ago. In fact, I’m writing this as I’m sitting down in a computer lab at my school. Why was it so long? Because it was 1 hour and 15 minutes long. “That’s actually a reasonable…

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Yes, I’m an Apple guy

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So after quite a few days from my last post, I’ve finally gotten some time to write a new post! Today I’m going to be talking about my obsessive compulsive disorder with Apple products… They’re just magic to my hands. First of all… what does it mean to be an apple guy? Pretty obvious… It means to love, spread and share…

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And we’re out…

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Okay… We really need to stop, take a deep breath in and think this through for a second. In the past 24 hours I’ve read some really nasty comments on social media regarding Real Madrid’s situation. That we don’t know how to play real soccer. That if we didn’t lose a game in 40 games it was basically because we got lucky.…

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Shyamalan did it again

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And here we go again. Another movie where I just need to try really hard not to be a fanboy of Mr. Shyamalan. He did it with the Sixth Sense. He did it with The Visit. And now he’s done it again with Split. Last night I went to see this last movie at an Epic theatre. You know, that movie…

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Day 5 in New York

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Day 5 (Final day) – Snow in Central Park And here it is… the end of our trip. But hey, our plane leaves at 9pm (not really, more on this later) so we still had one full day to spend in the big city! We woke up and the streets were white. The whole city was white. It was completely…

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Day 4 in New York

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Day 4 – The Highline and MoMa Our fourth day in the big city was, by far, the chillest day of all. We were starting to get somewhat tired of the cold. After all, we are Floridian guys. But then again, we had to enjoy these tall buildings while we were there. It was a now or never kind of situation.…

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Real Madrid against the world

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I think that what really hurts right now isn’t the the fact that we lost a game. Specially because we didn’t lose against a weak team. We lost against an enormous Sevilla who played magnificently and showed the rest of the world that they deserve to be fighting for this title. What really hurts though is the fact that we had forgotten what…

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Day 3 in New York

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Day 3 – Brooklyn, Museum of Natural History and Trump’s Ice Rink     Here it is! Sorry for the delay! Our third day in the big city was a total success. Just after having gotten some breakfast (at Starbucks, our designated breakfast spot), we decided to grab a sub and head over into the Brooklyn area. We didn’t really…

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Day 2 in New York

Day 2 – Statue of Liberty and a good way to turn 19 Yes, what a cool way of turning 19 right? Since the moment I arrived to the big city, I kept telling my friends; everyone deserves a birthday like the one I’m about to have.   Okay so after having slept for a whole night in that creepy…

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